Travel writing is my passion.  

I have lived aboard boats ever since I met my husband on a yacht in 1979.  Since then, we reared two sons aboard our various boats and journeyed around the globe.  We explored continents by train, donkey, camel, horse, bicycle, ferry, and plane.

I continue to host slideshows of my professional photography and provide motivational talks to encourage families to travel with their chldren.  Digital media has supplanted a chld’s natural upbringing.  Put down the devices and play!

My latest books are out in paperbacks, digital format, and audiobook, available on Amazon. I trust it will inspire you to explore the globe with your family. Put down the devices and explore. Really explore. Rough it.  Get innovative when stuck in a situation. Skip the bus tours and easy way of travel.  Learn your strength.

My photography and articles are also showcased in an anthology, "The Best of the Caribbean Compass”, “Night Shock”.  The Caribbean Compass Newspaper has published a number of my articles.  Other noteworthy publications are Cruising World Magazine, SAIL Magazine, International Living Magazine, Multihulls Magazine and the Multihull Sailor.

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