Welcome Adventurers

 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  —Helen Keller


Croc Hunting, Great Barrier Reef 

As parents, we sought a simple, adventurous lifestyle in the great outdoors to rear our family.  To take a stand on values, we voted with our feet by moving aboard a sailboat to cruise the world.  It began in 1982.  

We never looked back.

Follow along with me as I take you on your journey with us. I trust our trail of images and anecdotes will inspire you to discover life in a new way through adventurous travel.  Discover the world by scripting your own adventure.  Our experiences forever transformed our lives as a family.  We now look at the world and its peoples differently, having become better people because of it. 


"Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa" is a memoir about a much-anticipated sailing adventure that the author and her family embark upon.  But when her sons bring along two friends who upset the family balance, rogue waves, gales, and great white sharks threaten the family’s safety.  When Tina begins to deal with a mysterioius health problem, the perils of life at sea become very real.

The book begins with an adventurous safari through Africa, during which Tina reflects on the challenges that a life lived differently can bring.  Half runing from  an early adulthood fraught with sexual trauma, and half runing towards a dream, Tina met her husband and the two of them decided to live a life at sea.

This story is candid, moving, heartfelt and beautifully written.  What sets it aside from other sailing memoirs is that it is about so much more than the journey.  Tina writes about topics such as mental illness, sexual assault, the loss of a child, and the challenges of motherhood.  These are naturally woven into the narrative, creating a layer of complexity and strength, making it enjoyable to those who have been to sea and those who haven’t.


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